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I believe that engaging in activities that bring pleasure to your life and peace to your body encourages positive interactions with our world. When we feel good, we have more patience, more regard, and more compassion for others. For me, the way exercise improves circulation, restores postural alignment, and clears the mind has a direct impact on how I feel. I take these results further with my art, investigating how I perceive my world and emotions. One day, I hope to merge art and fitness together for true convergence, integrating body and spirit, empowering both with vitality, beauty, and grace.

Through Kt Augustine, LLC, Convergence currently offers yoga, pilates, and personal training focusing on mind body health to create a sense of well being in the participant. Through exercise we can release excessive tension caused by pain, poor postural habits, and stress. Then we can retrain the body and mind to better understand the glory of effective, efficient movement. By taking time to connect with our bodies and returning to the basics of human movement, we can return to the world feeling empowered, recharged, and grateful for what we have to offer.

Kathryn Augustine
Owner & Instructor





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